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Regular Window Cleaning Deal

Terms & Conditions

  • Windows must be washed every 6 months or less. (Not Greater than 6 months)

  • Deal must have been text or emailed to you from iWashwindows before hand.

  • BONUS - All regular cleans get to book in advance and secure their dates in the busy season for the same great price.

Standard Quote

What a Standard Window Clean INCLUDES.

  • A pure water fed brush on the outsides which leaves your windows shiny & streak free.

  • A squeegee on the inside windows using a special window cleaning detergent that repels dust.

  • Fly screens are removed and hosed down.

  • Outside door Screens hosed in place, inside door screens wiped and brushed. (No Removal).

  • Removal of small amounts of bug marks and other stubborn marks.

  • Removal of cobwebs around window frames.

  • Complimentary light wipe down of window tracks.


What a Standard Window Clean DOES NOT INCLUDE.

  • Removal of mould on inside frames and outside wooden frames.

  • Removal of paint,cement, silicon & over spray.

  • Removal of Hard water stains.

  • Heavily soiled or mouldy window tracks.

  • A renovation clean.

  • A construction clean (first clean after being built).

  • Windows that haven’t been cleaned in years (A standard clean will only get them about 90% cleaner).

  • If you think your windows aren’t a standard clean please advise before booking so we can amend the quote.

Preparation Prior to arrival.

  • Prior To Arrival Please make sure all windows are unlocked or at least have a key ready.

  • If you have a lot of ornaments or photos on your window sills please move them to a safe place.

  • Any large items like T.V's or cabinets need to be moved to gain access to windows.

  • While I love dogs and I don't mind them at all, they have been known to damage and go to the toilet on my equipment, I will also be in and out of your gates so please keep them in a secure area. I also would appreciate it if any dog poo could be picked up before arrival. Thank you for you understanding. 


Extras (please advise before arrival)

  • Cobwebbing around the outsides of house.

  • Shower Screens.

  • Heavily soiled window tracks



  • Preferred payment by Bank transfer on the day.

  • Cash is also accepted but it is easier for me if you can do a bank transfer.

  • Invoicing can be arranged for commercial jobs.

Thank you


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